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תמונת פנים של דוד תרון
מניפת צבעי פנטון
סטודיו לגרפיקה

A little about me ..

My name is David Taron, a graduate of the "Tel Aviv Design Study Center (Vital)", has been involved in graphic design for over 20 years.

David Taron Studio provides graphic design and business branding services to business and private clients, both for print and digital.
The studio offers a variety of design services that provide you with graphic marketing tools that will help you sell your services and products, efficiently and impressively, and increase your customer base.

Printing services

  • Logo design

  • Business Cards

  • Company profiles

  • Product packaging

  • Food packaging

  • Booklets

  • Catalogs

  • Folders

  • Roll noses and posters

  • Exterior and interior signage

  • Design for points of sale

  • Stickers for walls and doors

  • Press ads and more ..

Digital services

  • Web Design

  • Design  Landing Pages

  • Banner design for websites and the Internet

  • Cover photo design for Facebook

  • Newsletter design

  • Posting posts for Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp

  • Digital business card design

  • Designing and editing promotional videos

Apart from design, I provide, if necessary, a comprehensive solution through an excellent team of suppliers who have been working with me for many years, in the field of copywriting, photography, production and printing.
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